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NXT Level You in Action: A Case Study

Meet Jill, a (fictional) millennial on the Client Engagement Team of Legacy Pinnacle Co. going through the NXT Level You five-step growth process.

Step 1

FlowLIFE Map discovery process

Where is Jill “in the zone” in her life?

Jill starts her growth journey with the FlowLIFE Map discovery process. This reveals her “current state of being from four perspectives — action, self-reflection, interaction, and social systems.


Step 2

Personal Growth Plan

Where does Jill go from here?

Jill wants to add more balance to her life, so she tried out a few of NXT Level You’s lifestyle recommendations – she knows they’ve been tailored just for her. These habits line up with her big goals, and this structure gives her clarity on her priorities.


Step 3

Support community

How does Jill move forward?

Jill knows she will succeed because of the supportive community around her. She invites a real-life team of advisors — her “Ally Network” — to witness her progress and celebrate her successes, and she engages with an anonymous peer-to-peer trust cohort for extra motivation when needed.


Step 4

Online content & life coaching

How does Jill go deeper?

Jill’s CEO requests that the entire organization take the “Leading From Within” course together. This brings her closer to her team, but Jill wants to push her development further, so she begins an additional course that interests her called “Changemaking for intrapreneurs.” She also starts meeting with a life coach weekly online to further explore her horizons.


Step 5

Progress Dashboard

What does success look like?

Checking her personal dashboard and self-reporting daily habits has become part of Jill’s daily activities. Thanks, in part, to the evolving FlowLIFE Map, she gains a well developed understanding over time of how her actions affect her. She feels satisfied when she’s moving forward on her self-defined pursuit of progress, and this brings value to each day.