We're building with passion and purpose!

Mission Statement

We are on a mission to build a better world for everyone.

Our passion is empowering people to become the best version of themselves – as they define it.

We support leaders to take their teams to the next level with an integrated growth platform that enhances self-awareness and a sense of flow inside and outside of the workplace.

About Us

Founded in Vancouver (Canada) in 2015, NXT Level You supports forward-thinking organizations to invest in their greatest asset: people.

As a team of mostly millennials, we are building our own answer to the costly millennial retention problem. We know firsthand that personal development is the most important factor impacting millennials’ decision to choose or stay with an employer – and that our generation’s modus operandi isn’t work-life balance… it’s work-life integration.

Expectations have evolved and most employee growth programs have not kept pace. Further, small-to-medium sized businesses have not had affordable access to high quality growth education. NXT Level You addresses this gap with a full spectrum personal growth solution, utilizing the FlowLIFE Map holistic growth system. We’re part of the low cost, high value software-as-a-service revolution, in pace with Slack, Dropbox & Hootsuite.


Heart-centered hustler aka CEO

Michelle Martin
Heart-centered hustler aka CEO

Big data and machine learning geek aka CTO

Scott Nelson
Artificial intelligence geek aka CTO



Carissa Kazyss
Product development advisor


Chris Dierkes
Guide community advisor


Urszula Lipsztajn
Mindful leadership coach


Kristin Constable
Leadership development coach


Shayla Williams
Accounting to float our boat

The Foundation

We are passionate about building a better world for everyone. Our goal is to improve the lives of 100 million people by 2025.


This long-term social impact vision has lead to us establishing an independent foundation dedicated to the intentional and progressive use of personal data for human development.

The foundation will be at the forefront of academic partnerships and will house the API to a “data commons” for non-commercial human progress research.